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Enhancing Math Engagement: Whole School Initiatives

environment home-school connections math community Feb 28, 2024

Recently, I've had the privilege of learning about several whole school math initiatives that play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of unity within the school community while emphasizing the competency side of mathematics. Let's explore a few of these inspiring initiatives designed to bring math opportunities, awareness, and joy to both teachers and students alike.

Bi-Weekly Math Challenge 

One Elementary School has introduced a bi-weekly math challenge that encourages classes to actively participate. Following the completion of challenges, students have the opportunity to share their responses on a collaborative math board. This initiative not only develops a shared understanding of math concepts but also celebrates the numerous ideas and achievements across various classrooms. Take a look at some exemples below.

Assembly Math 

At a different elementary school, a portion of assembly time is dedicated to a whole school math routine, often featuring activities like Splat. In conversations with the principal and the teachers, they shared that students are consistently eager to share their thoughts, fostering a sense of community learning within the school.

Daily Announcements 

One local elementary school utilizes daily announcements as an opportunity to infuse fun into math education. Inspired by Pam Harris’ I Have, You Need, each daily announcement presents a new math problem. Students use mental math to work out the solution, injecting an element of excitement and engagement into their daily routine.

Monthly Figure-out-able Fridays 

Taking the excitement up a notch, the same school that uses daily announcements, also shares monthly "Figure-out-able Fridays." On these special days, the principal visits classrooms armed with a mini-whiteboard and intriguing math questions. Students are challenged to find solutions and ‘figure it out’! The enthusiasm for this initiative is so contagious that at the start of the year, in a persuasive writing unit by grade 4 students one wrote a piece titled 'Why we should bring back Figure-out-able Fridays!' (Figureoutable Friday’s had not yet begun, this school year at the time of the writing)

These initiatives showcase the power of integrating math into various aspects of school life, fostering a positive attitude towards the subject and creating memorable experiences for both educators and students. By promoting a sense of community, collaboration, and enthusiasm for math, these whole school initiatives can make a significant impact on the learning journey, of both children and educators alike!

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