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Going Beyond the Classroom: Creative Ways to Strengthen Home-School Bonds in Math

home-school connections math community Jan 10, 2024

We all understand the significance of a strong home-school connection in nurturing our children’s growth. But when it comes to math, how can we make this connection even more meaningful and engaging? Here are some of my favorite ideas to foster a dynamic partnership between home and school:


Math Game Share:

  • Share information about the math games your children are playing in class and invite families to continue the fun at home. Provide instructions or guidelines to help parents engage with their children while playing these games. If you are using an online communication/sharing platform with families, record a quick video of the children teaching the rules, for all families to see. It's a fantastic way to reinforce classroom learning and make math enjoyable outside of school hours.

Math Game Library:

  • Establish a math game library within your classroom or school. Families can sign out math games to play at home. This initiative not only encourages math exploration but also promotes family bonding through shared gaming experiences. And here's a fun twist: invite families to donate any math games they have at home to enrich your library even further!

Visual Learning:

  • Share photographs of your math mini-lessons with families. These visuals could include images from dot talks, problem strings, or choral counting activities. It provides parents with insights into the mathematical concepts being taught and allows them to support their children's learning effectively. It also allows for further conversation, beyond the classroom where children can share insights, understandings and wonders.

Math Hunt at Home:

  • Encourage families to embark on a math hunt within their homes. Ask them to identify opportunities for mathematizing their living spaces and routines. Invite children to bring in or submit photos of math-related discoveries at home. Incorporate these photos into your mini-lessons, (asking: What math lives here?) highlighting the math that can be found in everyday life.

Valuable Resources:

  • Share resources that empower families to help their children with math. Offer a guide or toolkit on "how to assist your child with math." These resources can provide practical tips, strategies, and activities for parents to support their child's mathematical journey.

By implementing some of these strategies, we can bridge the gap between the math classroom and the home environment, creating a collaborative and supportive space for our young mathematicians to thrive. Strengthening the home-school connection in math not only enhances learning but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the subject. Together, we can inspire a lifelong love of mathematics!

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